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Owner/ Farmer

Bob is known for his brevity. He is passionate about regenerative agriculture, building a life that supports heathy growth of himself as well as the environment around him and raising (and eating) good food. He has over a decade of experience in pasture based livestock production including a summer spent raising livestock for Polyface farm and many years managing Pat’s Pastured in Rhode Island. 

He loves... chickens. 


Owner/ Farmer

Growing up on her family farm in Rhode Island was such a wonderful learning experience for Taylor. She learned how to cut and bale hay, care for sheep and chickens, but most of all she learned the importance of good, healthy food raised on land that is well cared for and loved. When the time came to go off to college and choose a career she was drawn to Green Mountain college's sustainable Ag program. It was here that she fell in love with regenerative agriculture and the beautiful green mountains. After college she went back to her family farm but couldn't quite shake the call of the mountains. In 2019 she and Bob decided to take the leap and move north. What an incredible decision that was!

She loves riding her horses, cooking delicious meals and dabbling in many hobbies (rug hooking, embroidery and lino printing).



Farmer in training/ Head turkey

Rosie joined the Lucky Fields team on Thanksgiving day 2021. She is the only turkey on our chicken farm so far. She is growing, changing and learning everyday. We can't wait to see the farmer that she grows up to be!

She loves snuggling, eating and dancing to all music. She’s enamored by the chickens and loves all things with feathers, fur or fins. She is strong, and curious and probably the most chill kid I’ve ever known. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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