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Pastured chickens are here!!!! Come see us every Saturday at the Norwich Farmers Market from 9-1 May through October and twice a month through the winter at Tracy Hall. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for info on how we raise our birds and other fun stories!

Contact us to pre-order your chicken today!



Certified Naturally Grown (in transition) Organically fed, Pasture raised chicken
Whole birds- $6.60 per pound
Boneless, skinless breasts- $13.50 per pound
Leg and Thigh Quarters-$8 per pound (sold out)
Bone-in Thighs- $10.50 per pound
Drumsticks- $6.25 per pound
Wings- $6.50 per pound
Backs for stock- $2.75 per pound
Feet- $5.00 per pound
Organs (liver, hearts, gizzards)- $5.00 per pound
Bone Broth- $12 each


Delicious pasture raised turkeys for the holidays!

Whole Holiday Turkey

We will be working with Hogwash farm in Norwich this year to provide pasture raised turkey to our customers. Hogwash grows wonderful turkeys on pasture using Lucky Fields approved growing methods. Check out their site here

Roasted Turkey


      Email us to sign up today!

Cluck Bucks is Lucky Fields version of a CSA. Save 10% when you sign up to receive your Cluck Bucks membership card. Use your card to purchase any Lucky Fields poultry at market or by ordering directly from the farm.  

Beginner farmer: $300 (we load $330 on your card)

Apprentice farmer: $500 (we load $550 on your card)

Old timer: $1000 (we load $1100 on your card)

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Click the link below to fill out our online ordering form.

Orders can be picked up at the Norwich Farmers market. If this location doesn’t work for you, please write in the comments where you would like to pickup your chicken and we’ll be in touch! Thank you!

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Please place your order below and Thank you for supporting your little local pastured poultry farm!

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